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Paco Pintón and Chiquinho 
© the Selby

Edit done by k-alon



Imagine it’s Sunday morning, your perfect boyfriend just woke up in the comfy apartment you own together in Manhattan, NYC. You were just making some breakfast when you see him stirring in the bed, and snap a quick picture before he turns at the noise of your camera and smiles at you. He rushes down to wrap you in a big, warm hug and begins to make some coffee.

Reality it’s a Friday night, your perfect piece of pizza just got taken out of the oven. You were just making it for yourself because you’re alone with no body to eat it with. You take a photo of your pizza quickly before it looks up at the noise of your camera, it steams at you. You rush to your room and wrap your hands around the big, warm slice of pizza and you blog until 4am.